Jacaranda has its offices in South London, but we have jobs all over England, Wales and Scotland.

Each job vacancy gives you the location of jobs and when you request more information on jobs, we provide you with some facts about the place e.g. population, distance to nearest big town, nearest international airport and special points of interest.

Check our latest vacancies here. To read about the types of social work jobs we can offer, please see type of work.


We have placed social workers and social care professionals in jobs in cities like London, Edinburgh and Cardiff as well as smaller cities and towns.




Anywhere in the UK, you are never more than 72 miles from the coast and we have placed social workers in jobs right by the seaside - and some people have found new watersport hobbies like kite-surfing.


You could be unwinding after work by taking a walk along golden, sandy beaches or enjoying time with new friends at the water's edge.








You could work in areas around London, but not directly in the city. One such area is Kent, known as the Garden of England. The area has many benefits, including close proximity to London and a 1.5 hour train journey to Paris! The population is 1,466,500  of a region that covers 3,500 sq kilometres. It is one of the warmest areas of Great Britain and has a diverse landscape, including beautiful coastal towns, small market towns and larger conurbations.





London is an amazing, exciting and fun place to live and work. Approximately 8.308 million people live in the Greater London area, which makes it hard to believe that quiet moments like this are possible...







Get to know one of the world's most exciting and diverse capital cities at first hand. Soon you'll know that we call the underground "the tube", you'll know what an A-Z is, but you won't always need one to get from A to B.





One thing is for sure, when your friends and family know that you have a job in the UK, they will be booking their holiday and shopping trips to come and see you.

Take friends and family to see the sights and share with them your new favourite places and treat them to the special experience of a full English breakfast!




We also have jobs in cities near Birmingham, more rural areas, coastal Wales, Scotland, the south coast and much more. Just ask us for details and please let us know your location preferences!











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